About Us
We operate multiple food services domestic and overseas and hold a rich network of personal contacts in the food industry as well as marketing experience.

Therefore, with the food and sightseeing viewpoints, we provide suggestions on practical marketing activities from the customers’ viewpoint as a specialized food marketing company that aims to become a bridge between Japanese food culture and world food culture.

To Become a Bridge between Japanese Food Culture and World Food Culture

Business Operations and Services

・Authentic Japanese cooking class in Tokyo     「TSUKIJI COOKING」 tsukiji-cooking.com

・Professional service for food-related events    「The sunny table」     the-sunny-table.com

・Online Japanese culinary certificate programs「Japanese Cooking」 japanese-cooking.net

・Cooking video production                                     「Food-video.com」  food-video.com


「The sunny table」

「Japanese Cooking」



Authentic Japanese cooking class in Tokyo

Professional service for food-related events   

Online Japanese culinary certificate programs

Cooking video production

Why We Started This Service

Issues in Japan

When you travel to a countryside, you realize there are few restaurants that offer dishes you can only eat in that area and offer local ingredients.
Also, there are many times that the food doesn’t taste as good as you expected while the atmosphere at the restaurant is great.
We’d like for those of you who are not confident about menu development, who do not have much spare time, and who want to offer delicious menu to utilize our service.
If you can offer delicious food that uses local resources and ingredients with outside help, we believe you can attract more customers.

Creating more opportunities overseas

In the world, there are many people who have not had Japanese food and have only had limited menus among Japanese food.
Even when restaurants offer Japanese food overseas, they sometimes do not know the authentic Japanese taste or their chefs, who offer the food, do not have the appropriate cooking skills.
While there are demands overseas for chefs who have received training at restaurants in Japan, it is difficult for Japanese chefs to go overseas because of language barrier, finances, and time. With this current situation, opportunities are getting lost.
It’s a universal, common fact that you can attract more customers by enhancing your food.
We believe that we can increase opportunities in the world where people can enjoy Japanese food and food they can only eat in that area by connecting cooking skills of chefs and know-hows with those who are eager for that ability.

Our stance is not to force our food ideas but to suggest a menu upon your request while listening to you.

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