MENU Development From Anywhere in the World
Through Zoom Meetings with Famous Chefs!

Do you need help with your menu development?

Japanese Michelin chefs, famous chefs and specialists in food development will create a custom-made menu that is specially arranged for your brand and kitchen.

6 Features of Our Menu Development

Everything is online
(Meetings with chefs via Zoom)

Being able to choose a chef (food specialist) based on prices and needs

Attracting more customers with the quality of first-class chefs and their name value

Developing a menu that offers variety and can attract customers

Accessible from anywhere in the world (English available)

Saving time and cost
SAmple List of Chefs You Can Ask to Create Your Menu
Mr. Yoshitsugu Suzuki

Owner of Kappou Suzuki
Awarded a Michelin star 13 consecutive years
After training as a chef at sushi restaurants, he set up his own restaurant at the age of 29. He has an exceptionally great eye for fish and visits Tsukiji Market every day to always pick good ingredients. He treasures using seasonal ingredients and making dishes that brings out their deliciousness.

Mr. Katsuo Omiya

Owner/chef of Restaurant Omiya
He’s also active in TV and magazines as a leading popular Western-food chef in Japan.
At the age of 32 in 1982, he opened up the current “Restaurant Omiya” in Asakusa. In 2007, he opened up the second restaurant in the Shin-Marunouchi Building in Tokyo.

Ms. Monko Ichijo

Specialist in Japanese Curry Dishes. Graduated from the graduate school of Curry College as a valedictorian. A lecturer at the one and only Curry College in Japan
She is a curry specialist who has a TV show named after her and is also active in radio and magazines. She has sold 100,000 units of curry which she has developed. She is an official S&B Foods menu developer.

Ms. Nozomi Mori (Nozomi)

Culinary specialist/influencer. Author/Website administrator of “Tsukuoki”. A pioneer of meal-prep food in Japan
The meal-prep food recipe website, “Tsukuoki,” which recommends meal preparation over the weekend for the coming week is very popular among families especially with both adults working. “Tsukuoki” received the first prize in Recipe Book Award in Japan.
Tsukuoki Website: 7 million views/month.
Instagram: 1,186,000 followers.

From our long experience in the food event industry, we hold a rich network of personal contacts (about 300 people) with cooking and food influencers, people who make sweets, and people in the sake industry.

Also, we have a business partnership with “The Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary Art” which holds a membership of 10,000 Japanese cuisine chefs.

Customer Review
I’m grateful to have had a famous chef develop the menu. It has become our signature dish and is now very popular.
With COVID-19, it’s hard to keep staff. So, I’m grateful that they have developed a menu that can be made in easy steps using a professional oven and is delicious.
They’ve considered our Japanese food is popular overseas, so we wanted to start a Japanese restaurant, but we didn’t know the authentic taste ourselves. cooking environment, available ingredients, and local tendencies and had famous Japanese chef and cooking specialist develop our menu. In the future, I’d like to order seasonal menus regularly.
At first, I was not sure if we could really develop menu via Zoom, but as I talked with the chef directly a few times, he came up with a menu, taking our needs into consideration. We are very satisfied. Thank you so much!
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